TruGanic™ Program

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Maintaining and Surpassing True, Actual, Hard-Core Standards

TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production significantly beyond organic. The TruGanic™ standard was created by Dr. Jameth Sheridan of HealthForce to verify absolute purity. This came in response to a significant erosion and widespread dissatisfaction with organic standards as defined by the USDA.

While HealthForce TOTALLY resonates with the INTENTIONS of USDA Organic, and is grateful for all the hard work of those who have lobbied Congress to keep the standards strong, we are somewhat disappointed that the number of allowable chemical compounds in organic foods seems to increase every year. We recognize that USDA certified Organic is a step in the right direction, but we want to do better.

TruGanic™ products must pass periodic tests to verify that they are:

1. 100% pesticide, insecticide, and herbicide free – defined as ZERO detectable

2. 100% GMO free - defined as ZERO GMO detectable

3. 100% irradiation free - defined as ZERO detectable

Our TruGanic™ program is a natural consequence of our goal of providing the most healing/nutrient-dense products possible.

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