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CircuForce 90g
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CircuForce 90g

CircuForce™ (Ginkgo Biloba+) Brain Power

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CircuForce Sizes

One VeganCap™ per day contains 400% more Ginkgo extract than most other products.

One VeganCap™ per day contains 400% more Ginkgo extract than most other products.  Numerous studies have shown that Ginkgo is far more effective in higher amounts (at least 120 mg up to 600 mg per day) and more effective when taken in higher potencies, less times per day, than lower potencies more times.  HealthForce CircuForce™ contains 250 mg Ginkgo biloba extract plus Siberian eleuthero extract and gotu kola extract as supportive herbs.  HealthForce CircuForce™ offers the maximum effectiveness at the best possible value.  

Caution! This product may interact with blood thinning medications. If you take a blood thinning medication, consult with your doctor before taking this product.

The FDA has NOT approved this product for blood thinning.

CircuForce Nutrition PanelServing Size: 1 VeganCap™

Gingko Biloba Extract (Standardized to contain at least 24% Gingkoflavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones)

Siberian Eleuthero Extracts (8% Eleutherosides)

Gotu Kola Extract (10% Triterpenses)

Other Ingredients: VeganCaps™ (fermented tapioca) – No flow agents