About the Founders

In 1990, Jameth and Kim met each other at a health conference, which they both had to borrow money to attend, but they both felt a strong calling to go because they each somehow “knew” the other would be there. Kim had actually dreamt of their meeting in childhood. As soon as they met, it was love at first sight. They soon realized they had both been on a similar path, and they both shared the same vision. That was when the earliest version of HealthForce was born.

In addition to founding HealthForce, they gained popularity through their highly acclaimed raw food preparation workshops, and they co-authored Uncooking with Jameth & Kim. They are pioneers who have gone the extra mile to uncover nutritional truths – including ones that have been completely overlooked or never previously considered. For decades, they have been respected naturopaths, health researchers, public speakers, workshop leaders, and nutritional consultants whose advice is sought by many. Their client list includes a number of open-minded medical doctors, registered nurses, and other health professionals. They are both listed in Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses.

Jameth and Kim explored many aspects of health, healing, and regeneration, including not only physical well-being, but also emotional and spiritual well-being. They studied and researched many modalities of health and diagnosis, including Iridology, Rayid Analysis, medical intuition, various methods of body typing, live blood cell analysis, conventional bloodwork, and environmental testing. They devoted themselves to the search for true health and well-being. They made themselves the “cruelty-free guinea pigs” in their search for optimum health, as they both started out with many health challenges and knew they had to go the extra mile to be healthy.

Originally gaining permission to do his work in a local college lab before he could afford his own, Jameth studied many health products in-depth to see if the content, quality, and performance of the products matched the claims (which they often didn’t). Dissatisfied with the number of health products that didn’t live up to their claims (and often did harm as well), Jameth took many companies to task, acting as a consumer advocate for the large numbers of people who all too often threw away tremendous amounts of money in vain for the sake of health. Based on his findings, including his unique knowledge of life force, whole foods, Mother Nature, and true science, he (with the help of Mother Nature) began formulating his own exceptionally effective nutritional products. He called them Bio-compatible Nutritional Superfoods.™

Early on, based on Jameth’s research and findings, Jameth and Kim were faced with a decision as to whether to be consumer advocates or create products that really did match their claims, because they knew it would be a conflict of interest to do both. Ultimately they decided to create products because that would be proactive and it was much-needed. Rather than going after the bad guys, they’d just be shining examples of how to be good guys.

Sincerely wanting everyone to experience optimum health, they fully dedicated their lives to this pursuit. Their goal has always been to provide true health with true integrity, and to spread the message of health and hope to the masses. Not satisfied with an overwhelmingly and unnecessarily unhealthy population, they truly desired to enable as many people as possible to take charge of their own health. From day one, their goal has been to help make the world a happier and healthier place, and to teach compassion and respect for the Earth and all of its inhabitants, human and non-human. They have been passionate vegans for decades not only for health reasons but also for the sake Mother Earth and all of the other beings with whom we share this planet.

For decades, Jameth taught and lectured on the subjects of alternative medicine, hard core herbal therapies, green foods and superfoods, isolated nutrients versus Bio-compatible Nutritional Superfoods,™ anti-aging, veganism, animal rights, raw foods, cleansing/detoxification and rebuilding, fitness/muscularity, and nutritional support for serious health challenges (including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and blood sugar imbalances). He also founded Warrior Force™ – a synergy of alternative medicine and sports nutrition for True Warriors.™ Learn more about Jameth Sheridan.

After many years of working exclusively in the alternative health field, Kim’s life took her in other directions. She expanded her career path as an author, filmmaker, and more. Her time is now dedicated to many other projects, including the Healthy Chick® and Healthy Hunk® product lines, Earth Fairy® Films, Compassion Circle (a not-for-profit-profit organization), EnLighthouse Entertainment™ (films that make a difference), and her book, Animals and the Afterlife. UPDATE, FALL 2016: Kim Sheridan has stepped back in as HealthForce CEO. Learn more about Kim Sheridan.


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