Where did the name Sheridan come from?


Jameth and Kim Sheridan
A Match Made in Heaven
1990 – 2016


When Jameth and Kim first met, they decided they were going to choose a joint last name when they got married, instead of taking on the man’s last name as is common in our culture and goes back to when men owned women. Kim and Jameth were not satisfied with simply adopting either of their existing last names or hyphenating them. Whose last name would they adopt? In what order would the names be hyphenated? Traditionally, the man’s name is taken and the woman forsakes hers, or she hyphenates hers along with her husband’s. The husband’s name stays the same and he usually does not hyphenate the names, even if his wife does, thereby carrying on the patriarchal tradition. None of these scenarios felt right for Jameth and Kim. They wanted a last name that was reflective of who they are, just as last names were when they originally came into being. Kim and Jameth also wanted a last name that symbolized their partnership. They intended to choose a new last name before they got married, and to include it in the ceremony. However, when they did get married, they had not yet come up with a name that felt right to them. So, for the time being, they just kept their existing last names. They then put out the intention of finding a last name that symbolized their partnership (and made it clear that they were married), and they investigated various systems of naming over the years. Eventually, they elected not to adhere to any existing system but rather to choose a name that just felt right to them. After much consideration, along with an uncanny chain of events, the name that felt the most right was Sheridan. This name has personal meaning for both of them. So, they eliminated their former last names years ago, as those names symbolized a limited patriarchal lineage that never takes into account the women in any family. People are accustomed to women changing their last names to symbolize marriage, so why not a man and a woman doing so together for the same reason? For Jameth and Kim, this represents a true partnership. Hence, the name Sheridan.

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