RUMORS: True or False?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where many people thrive on gossip, rumors, and looking for the worst in everything. Sadly, those who work hard to do the most good in the world are often the target of others who just want to hurt them and bring them down. So, on that note, we’d like to address the most common rumors we hear going around regarding HealthForce:

Question: What is the real story behind the rumors circulating about Shilajit Supreme?

Please see this statement: Shilajit Supreme™

Question: What about other rumors?

Various other rumors come and go, including the ones about HealthForce selling out to Big Pharma (NEVER!), testing on animals (DOUBLE NEVER!!), and going out of business (this one HAS almost happened several times due to various reasons, including unusually low profit margins because profits are NOT our priority; helping people IS!); and there are likely other rumors we’re not even aware of.

Contact: If you hear or read about a questionable or disturbing rumor that isn’t addressed on our F.A.Q. page, instead of assuming it’s true or spreading it, please just ASK us! Here’s the best way to get to the bottom of any rumors straight from the horse’s mouth.

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