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Oxygen Extreme™

Oxygen Metabolism 

When a person breathes, there is an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the lungs. The oxygen, which is inhaled into the lungs from the atmosphere around us, is picked up by the hemoglobin in our blood and distributed to all of the body’s ten trillion cells where it is “burned” along with fuel (sugar) to produce energy. Oxygen is absolutely crucial for our health. Without oxygen, our cells are unable to produce sufficient energy and our bodies die within a matter of minutes. There is a tremendous amount of evidence from both research and clinical practice which suggests that many degenerative diseases are, at least partially, attributable to oxygen deficiency in the blood and/or tissues. Cancer cells, for example, are anaerobic in nature and cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.

Oxygen Depletion in our Atmosphere

During prehistoric times, there was approximately 30-35% oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. With all the greenhouse gasses that have been released into our atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and the clear-cutting of oxygen-generating forests as well, our atmosphere now contains a mere 21% oxygen! In industrialized areas (polluted cities) during rush hour and/or periods of atmospheric stagnation, oxygen content can fall to 9% or lower! One could say that we are all currently undergoing a slow death by asphyxiation due to these dramatically reduced oxygen levels. We absolutely need sufficient oxygen for our very survival, and we absolutely need high levels of it for optimum health!

Modern Lifestyle Depletes Oxygen Levels in our Bodies

Along with this lack of oxygen in our atmosphere, oxygen availability inside our bodies is also under attack. Many aspects of life in the modern world serve to reduce net oxygen levels in our bodies:

  • Emotional stress causes shallow (fight or flight) breathing which reduces oxygen content of our blood.
  • Oxygen is also used up to break down excess adrenaline produced in response to stress.
  • Chlorination of drinking water depletes the oxygen content, thus delivering less oxygen to the body.
  • Cooking and over-processing of our foods lowers their oxygen content.
  • Antibiotic use destroys beneficial oxygen-creating bacteria in the intestinal tract.
  • Imbalanced fatty acid consumption (e.g., too much omega 6 fatty acids, imbalanced omega 6/omega 3 ratio, excess saturated fats, trans-fatty acid consumption) inhibits conversion of essential fatty acids to long chain forms that are incorporated into our cellular membranes and serve to facilitate proper oxygen utilization by cells.
  • Lack of exercise contributes to low oxygen levels in the body.
  • Indoor air is typically low in oxygen content.
  • COPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other lung diseases reduce the amount of oxygen absorbed in our lungs.
  • Smoking damages the lungs and reduces oxygen absorption.
  • Poor posture prevents the chest/lungs from filling with air during breathing.
  • Anemia and sub-clinical anemia affect millions in the United States alone, effectively reducing delivery of oxygen to our cells.
  • It has been estimated that typical Americans are exposed to millions of toxic contaminants in our air, water, and food every day. Oxygen is depleted as it is used to metabolize these contaminants into forms that can be effectively removed from body.
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol will deplete the body of oxygen. Oxygen depletion to the brain cells is a major contributor to hangovers.
  • Infectious microbes (fungi, molds, yeasts, bacteria) require a strong immune response by our bodies. Our immune system requires oxygen to oxidize (kill) these invaders.

Oxygen Extreme

Oxygen Extreme™ is a liquid stabilized oxygen supplement produced by running an electric current through purified water (with a very tiny amount of dissolved food grade salt) in order to break apart water molecules and create bio-available, dissolved, stabile oxygen. Oxygen Extreme™ can be used topically as an antiseptic, or it can be used internally. Oxygen is necessary for life and has a number of important benefits in the body:

  • Supports energy and endurance.
  • Promotes faster recovery from injury, stress, or strenuous exercise.
  • Heightens concentration and alertness.
  • Improves body’s ability to detoxify. The liver, for example, uses oxygen to oxidize toxins into a water soluble state that can be eliminated from the body via the kidneys or the bile. Also, as individual cells increase energy production due to increased oxygen supply from blood, cells can release their toxins more effectively.
  • Supports immunity with anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasite properties.*
  • White blood cells use to oxygen to oxidize (kill) infectious microbes.*
  • Oxygen has a calming effect on the nervous system.*
  • Oxygen has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Oxygen enhances the effectiveness of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and other essential nutrients, from either natural food sources or from dietary supplements.

The HealthForce Edge

  • Superior Packaging: Amber glass prevents oxygen evaporation and leaching of toxic plastic chemicals into the product.
  • Non-Toxic: Unlike hydrogen peroxide which can have negative side effects, Oxygen Extreme™ has absolutely no toxicity (externally or internally).
  • pH Neutral: and thus appropriate for long-term internal and topical use – contains NO sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide like some ‘caustic’ stabilized oxygen supplements that can damage stomach lining.
  • Highest Concentration: HealthForce Oxygen Extreme™ has the highest levels of dissolved oxygen on the market.
  • Best Value: we offer Oxygen Extreme™ at the lowest price possible, offering you a tremendously better value over any other product we have come across.
  • Offered in both dropper and spray form for convenience in application

Ingredients: Purified water, sodium chloride (salt), oxygen. Contains NO sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, or hydrogen peroxide (unstable oxygen). 100% stabilized oxygen

Internal Use: Place serving under tongue and hold in place for one minute, or simply swallow drops (best on empty stomach, preferably 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating). May be mixed with purified water. Do not mix with acidic fluids (orange juice, lemon juice, vinegars, etc.). Also avoid contact with metal and food, as these substances may cause oxidation reactions that decrease utilizable oxygen content of this product.

External Use: Apply directly to affected area – spray is recommended for external applications. Drops can be applied to bandage or gauze pad for external use.

For Oral Hygiene: After brushing/flossing, place a serving in mouth and swish around for 2-3 minutes. Helps support health of gums.*

For Sinus Health: Place drops directly into nose. You may also add Oxygen Extreme™ to the water in a neti pot.

For Throat Irritation: Spray may be used for direct application on affected area. Drops can be placed in back of throat and gargled for as long as you can before swallowing.

Suggested Use: 1 serving in/on throat, mouth, or skin, as often as desired to achieve desired results. Serving may be divided up to mask the slight salty flavor, or consumed all at once.

Suggested Adjuncts: Earth™, Vitamineral Green™,  Spirulina Manna™ and Azteca™, Elixir of the Lake™, Chlorella Manna™, Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer will all help improve oxygen levels and/or utilization in the body. Aerobic exercise and deep breathing exercises can help increase oxygen levels in your blood. Also, adding houseplants to your indoor environments will both purify the air and increase the oxygen content, effectively delivering more oxygen to your body. Finally, cooking significantly reduces oxygen content of foods, so eating more fresh, raw, uncooked plant foods and juices contributes more oxygen to your body.

Supplement Facts Panel

Oxygen Extreme™ Supplement Facts Panel

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