“Vitamineral Greens are the best! A wonderful way to start my day! I love mixing them in with my morning hemp smoothie, and along with Vitamineral Earth, they’re like a kick in the head that raises me up, grounds me in and has me feeling like I can take on the whole empire myself!”
- Amore One

“Spirulina definitely reduces my recovery time between shows. As a touring artist spirulina allows me to maintain a healthy digestive system while living on the road.”
- Freewill

“The first time I ever tried Vitamineral Greens and Earth, I was blown away with how energized and satiated I felt afterwards… Having been raw vegan for 5 years now, I have tried hundreds of different health supplements, in the search for an optimal state of being. I look at these two products as “supplementing 101″. Vitamineral Greens and Earth should be a staple supplement for everyone looking to keep their body clean, nourished, and youthful.”
- Konscious Krieger

“On the road, we make spirulina nori salad wraps all the time for a quick, healthy, filling meal on the go! Luminaries love it!”
- J Brave

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