Kenneth Williams

As a vegan bodybuilder, people often ask me how I manage to get such a muscular physique without eating animal products. Health Force Nutritionals products are an essential part of my training regimen. Most other nutritional supplements contain a high proportions of toxic animal products and cholesterol, which are hard on the body, and most are highly processed or are second rate because they are made in a laboratory which makes them have a much narrower spectrum of nutrients. Health Force Nutritionals products are cruelty free and a pure source of maximum nutrition, allowing me to gain muscle while burning fat at the same time. They improve my stamina, reduce my recovery time, strengthen my immune system, and keep me trim. They work for me, and they will work for you too.

Kenneth Williams is Americas first vegan bodybuilding champion, winner of the 2004 Sacramento Body Building Championship. Kenneth has been a vegan for seven years and is currently training for 2006 Natural Olympia. He is a prominent public figure in the campaign for veganism. Kenneth speaks to audiences across the country about compassionate living. He hosts Undercover TV, a reality show that investigates the treatment of animals, and is a spokesperson for In Defense of Animals.

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