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Grammy Award-winning Musician Jason Mraz on HealthForce, Vitamineral Green & more -

My health is the most important thing I take on tour. Therefore, I don’t travel anywhere without Vitamineral Green. Since April 2008, I have started each day with a Vitamineral Green smoothie. When I gave up eating a traditional breakfast (granola/oatmeal, eggs, orange juice, coffee, etc) I quickly discovered how light and energetic I felt throughout the day. Where I use to crash before lunch, with Vitamineral Green, I became more present and dedicated to my tasks. During the last year I met with three different nutritionists and they all recommend I start my day with a super green smoothie so the body can wake up to something nutritious rather than have to spend all morning digesting solid, questionable foods. When I told them I already have a regime of Vitamineral Green they all smile and say the same thing. “Well, You’ve got this all figured out then.”

What goes in my good-morning smoothie other than Vitamineral Green? HealthForce’s Earth, Fruits of the Earth, Vitamin C, MacaForce Vanilla Spice, Avocado, ONE Brand Coconut Water, Omega/Flax Seed Oil, Banana, Cacao Nibs, Cayenne Pepper, Salt, & Agave Nectar. (Everything listed that is not a Healthforce product is essentially added for my personal preferences of texture & flavor.)

After a few short weeks eating Vitamineral Green, more than half of my band and crew began to steal my supply. They wanted some of whatever was increasing my energy and brightening up my mental state. I’ve since turned on my Family and many others to the magic that is Vitamineral Green. In fact, my Dad keeps showing me how he’s coming up a few notches, tightening his belt. Way to go Dad! Keep it up.


I drink Earth with a scoop of MacaForce Vanilla Spice (in almond milk) every night between my first set and the encore of the show. I do so to stabilize my energy for one more grounded go-round onstage. I perform better when my food energy isn’t depleted. Without sustenance I drift in my thoughts and lose connections with the audience. The combination of Earth with MacaForce Vanilla Spice brings me back to my loving center. And, with a little agave nectar it tastes like dessert, or a kid’s drink, which only adds more fun to the healthy equation.

Fruits of the Earth

Fruits of the Earth is delicious and I add it to my morning smoothie, or sometimes I just drink it with the Truly Natural Vitamin C for a straight up immune/energy boost. I no longer drink traditional juices due to the sugars, acids and processes that come with them. Instead, I just combine Fruits of the Earth with regular or Coconut Water and get everything I love from the best fruits in the world: Energy.

Truly Natural Vitamin C

This stuff keeps me out of trouble. Whenever I suspect a cold coming on or my sinuses acting up, I just double or triple my intake of this, the richest and most responsive Vitamin C there is, and the show goes on.

MacaForce Vanilla Spice

This might be my favorite Healthforce Nutritional Product, not just because Maca is great for hormones and endurance, but also because it livens up the flavor of every other shake I make. It’s nice and buttery and teases the palate with Chai Spice.

On the occasion that I eat something that isn’t a raw food, I always take Healthforce Nutritionals’ Digestion Enhancement Enzymes. I do so in support of my digestive system, which is eager to process food for nutrients while ridding itself of what isn’t needed. In my opinion, anything the body can’t digest quickly is likely to become toxic.

The most important thing I’ve learned in the last year as a devotee to Healthforce Nutritionals: The less toxins you put in your body, the less toxic thoughts you have. The more super foods you treat yourself to, the more superb your life becomes.

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