Alex Tellez

I took the plunge into great health in January and have loved being a predominantly raw vegan for some time now. My path to raw foods / veganism was brought about by learning what made sense for my body athletically. I constantly suffered from being overweight, tired, headaches, etc. Then, I began reading about people’s paths on raw and started incorporating more and more raw foods.

Living in Honolulu, I am constantly bombarded with questions such as ‘Where do you get your protein from?’ and ‘How on earth do you live the way you do?’ (Second most common). In addition to these questions, people see my race results and are frequently asking me questions such as ‘How long have you been racing?’ It would probably shock you to know that I began my racing ‘career’ this January and entered in my first race at the Great Aloha Run. Since then, I’ve entered other races and posted very respectable times, which I already know will only get better. My last race was the ING Bay to Breakers where I ran a 45:21 for the 7.62-mile course and finished 77th overall, 34th among the elite male runners. This being my third race, I’m confident that next year, my record will only get better and my times will get lower (as of today, I can run at a faster pace).

Well, I also found the enjoyment of drinking green juices on a daily basis as I see the beauty in superfoods such as spirulina, blue-green algae and chlorella. I asked if there was a product that combined many different types of grasses and fruits one day to a raw vegan here in Honolulu. She recommended I take Vitamineral™ Green. Lo and behold, I began having a Vitamineral™ Green smoothie daily and just felt outstanding. I began taking 1 tbsp with coconut water prior to my morning workout and felt as if I could go for hours. Even now, before my competitive races, this is my pre-race drink and I think I fly on the racecourse. The reason I believe is simple: Premium food = premium performance. And with Vitamineral™ Green, I’m giving my body a supercharged boost of premium performance. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t consume your product, which, in conjunction with fruits, veggies and coconut water, powers me to do great things.

My wish is to inspire others to take up a more natural diet and spread the word about raw foods. As we live in a results-driven world, I continue to believe people will get curious as to my athletic performance – which keeps getting better, stronger and faster – and will inquire about what I do. I think one difference with me is that I am a 9-5 worker like many people out there. Granted, I love raw food gurus and listening to my podcasts but these people do that for a living and some are pro athletes that get paid to train. I get paid to be a banker and I have bills to pay, etc. But I use raw foods and athleticism to show what is possible for normal people; that you don’t have to be a pro athlete to live a healthy lifestyle. And indeed, I am proud of the fact that in the 5 months that I began racing, I can beat pro athletes because my body is fueled on proper foods- Vitamineral™ Green being a staple of my diet.

Alex Tellez

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