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August 2016 EarthBiotic Discount

Our special this month is 25% off of EarthBiotics™ using the coupon code: INSIGHT during checkout. You can find EarthBiotics™ in our shop.

About EarthBiotics™

EarthBiotics™ is a consortium of soil-derived probiotics that are cultured together in a natural prebiotic medium of ancient decomposed plant material containing humic and fulvic acids in order to mimic the wisdom of Mother Nature.  The plant-based prebiotic growth medium of humic and fulvic acids in EarthBiotics™ is extracted from deep within the earth from an ancient source to provide a pristine, GMO-free, toxin-free, chemical-free, nutrient-rich growth medium.  The fermentation process used to produce EarthBiotics™ results in the production of important metabolic by-products such as vitamins, short-chain fatty acids, organic acids, amino acids, and other nutrients. All of these metabolic by-products are normally produced by the friendly flora in your gut, and all are critically important for the overall health and balance of your body, as well as your intestinal tract. Unfortunately, these metabolic by-products are lacking in traditional probiotic supplements that have been isolated/concentrated by removing them from their growth medium. Learn More >>

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