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Antioxidant Extreme 360 caps
Antioxidant Extreme 120 caps
Antioxidant Extreme 360 caps

Antioxidant Extreme™

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360 VeganCaps™


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Antioxidant Supreme™ is 100% hard-core. Nutritionally supports anti-aging and normal cell division, recovery and rejuvenation. Resveratrol, turmeric, pomegranate, goji berry, grapeseed, green tea

Supports Anti-aging and Normal Cell Division

Our goal at HealthForce is to make the broadest spectrum, most deeply effective, and highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidant product currently possible (both water AND fat soluble) with benefits far beyond ORAC, at the best possible value. Free radicals wage a crushing war on your DNA, contributing to virtually every disease, degenerative, and aging process known.* It's time to stop them. It's time to fight back!

So many products tout benefits, but simply do NOT contain the correct botanicals and quantities of them to be effective. Many formulators are ignorant of this, while many others do it knowingly to cut costs. Antioxidant Extreme™ allows you to actually achieve the benefits that research shows these amazing nutritional substances can provide!

Antioxidant Extreme™ is 100% hard-core and nutritionally supports anti-aging and normal cell division, recovery, and rejuvenation. Essential for all health programs, plus great for athletes to help enhance recovery!*

Ultimate ORAC: Antioxidant Extreme™ goes beyond the latest research and provides a comprehensive formula with potencies, bioavailability, and ORAC heretofore untouched. Contains botanical extracts and synergistic whole foods.

Herbal Antioxidant Activators™ are extremely potent antioxidants and significantly increase the absorption and effectiveness of the other botanicals.

Metabolic Antioxidants: Antioxidant Extreme™ goes beyond ORAC by supporting the liver to make even more powerful metabolic antioxidants (superoxide dismutase and gluthathione).


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Antioxidant Extreme

ORAC Root Complex
• Turmeric∞, Whole Root◊∞

Resveratrol ORAC Complex
• Trans-Resveratrol: Extract (50%) 

• Resveratrol: Whole Food° (Polygonum)

Herbal ORAC Complex
• Grape Seed Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins) 

• Green Tea Extract (90% Polyphenols, 40% EGCG) 

• Pine Bark Extract° (95% OPCs)

Herbal Antioxidant Activators™
• Cinnamon◊ • Black Pepper◊ • Ginger◊ • Peppermint◊

ORAC Fruit Blend

 Fruit Concentrates: • Strawberry • Pomegranate • Grape • Blueberry • Blackberry • Cranberry

• Mangostein Extract

• Goji Berry Extract (20% Polyphenols)

◊Organic  °Wildcrafted  ∞TruGanic™

Other Ingredients: None! No fillers, flow agents, synthetics, or toxins

VeganCaps™ (Non-GMO tapioca)

All ingredients are optimally dried for maximum life force.

100% TruGanic™. TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core, quality standard significantly beyond Organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic™ includes authentic standards for production, non-toxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity.

EcoFresh Nutrient Lock™. Our dark glass with unique metal lid and oxygen absorber protects 100% of nutrients (creates a vacuum). Glass is recycled/recyclable, does not outgas (see Note below), and is non-toxic to melt down. Plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst and not recyclable) dramatically degrade nutrient levels. Plastic outgasses and is highly toxic to melt down.

Note: All plastic containers (more so in soft plastic) release gases during the aging and degradation of a material. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from plastic negatively affect our health.

Energenesis™ Energetic Enhancements:

• Magnetic • Vibrational+