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HealthForce Affiliate Program

Affiliate FAQ's

Q: When the click-through is made, the ?aff=myID is removed from the url. Is it still tracking my visitor?
A: Yes. The affiliate code is collected and will stay set even though it doesn't show in the url.

Q: How long does the affiliate session last/ how long is my affiliate ID linked to the visitor?
A: It is currently set for a year. This means if one of your community clicks on your link but doesn't buy for a few months, you'll stll be able to get the commision.

Q: Can I make my own banners and attach my affiliate code to them?
A: Yes. You can use the banners we provide or make your own.

Q: Can I add my affiliate code to any page on the HealthForce website?
A: Yes. Your id can be added to any page and will stay in our system for that visitor. Just add ?aff_id=YOURID to the end of any url.